Welcome to the Frontline Group

Across the Frontline Group we offer sales, marketing, product placement and distribution services for magazines, newspapers, books, and home entertainment products.

In the UK and Ireland, we access 42,000 stores, from major retail groups to smaller independents stores. Our global reach covers 70 Territories.

We work on behalf of more than 150 publishers and studios, promoting and distributing their products.

We specialise in designing creative and flexible retail solutions, enabling our clients to benefit from the most effective and cost-efficient distribution models and category solutions.

We work with our clients to:

  • Maximise Sales:  Drive sales and category share with return on investment at the forefront.
  • Optimise Supply: Right product, right quantity, right store, right time.
  • Create Valuable Partnerships: Our end-to-end approach ensures we unlock value across all stakeholders in the supply chain.
  • Build Sustainable Strategies: We work collaboratively to develop business plans for growth.


Our Partner Companies Include