Your Development

Our people drive the success of our business,  so we know that developing our talent is critical.  One of the ways we do this is to adopt an EPIC approach within our development hub – the Frontline Group Growth Network where learning opportunities are open to everyone.

Experience is a great way of learning; whether it’s to acquire new skills or to understand more about our business or both.  Gaining experience might be via our incredibly popular Data Internships or taking up opportunities to join project groups working on, for example, our online strategy.  Alternatively, maybe you’d like to spend time in Category Management undertaking some work shadowing.
People with huge amounts of talent are the cornerstone of our market leading business. Learning about the different areas of our business by spending time with them or by having a mentor are just two ways of learning from the best.  We also have internal coaches to provide goal orientated 121 sessions.
Information is key to development –  we encourage the sharing of great insight and accessible information to enable us all to build knowledge and stimulate new ideas or ways of thinking.   Accessible through YouTube, podcasts, books; whatever the medium, there is something for everyone.
Courses aim to meet specific learning outcomes identified in Career Discussions with line managers.  We work with some brilliant training partners and also use internal expertise to deliver great content.

The Frontline Group growth network uses  internal expertise to offer learning and development opportunities for all.


We are incredibly proud of our internal talent, some of whom now offer mentoring.   Their knowledge and understanding of our industry is second to none.  For that reason, our mentoring scheme is open to anyone who would like their own personal mentor. With a huge range of expertise offering mentoring in areas such as Supply Chain, Early Years Career, Line Management, Commercial Awareness, Women at Work and Developing Others, our Mentoring Directory has something for everyone at any stage of their career.

We understand starting a new role can be both exciting and a bit daunting.  Therefore, we want to ensure we do everything we can to welcome and nurture our new talent.  Upon joining us you will be assigned mentor. Their role will be to support you in your first few months.


The Frontline Group has a long history of offering coaching to all employees as a powerful, solution focused development tool.  Our internal accredited coaches are based across both London and Peterborough and can provide both online and face to face confidential coaching sessions.  We operate an easy access approach as we don’t want people to feel there is any barrier to taking positive steps to reach their goals. Having your own coach is a fantastic forward focused approach to hitting high levels of performance at any point in your career.

Just some of our regular learning and development opportunities

Executive Mentoring and Coaching

“…helps me to develop clear strategies on how to tackle challenges”

Managing Complex Relationships

“It was really helpful and has given me skills to help deal with situations which I otherwise might have struggled with.”

Presenting with Impact

“Great course – gave me the tools to structure my thinking about how to deliver a really great presentation.”

Management Development Programme

“I have absolutely loved being part of the programme and feel incredibly lucky to have been given this opportunity”

The Winning Edge

“Probably the best course you will ever attend.”

Data Internships/Apprenticeships

“…truly reignited a passion for data for not only me, but also the wider team.”